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Studies suggest Bentonite Clay has antibacterial and detoxification properties that can remove toxins and excess sebum, help many skin problems, and slow aging. Bentonite clay detox the skin and helps with issues like Rash Acne Cold Sores , Eczema Psoriasis Arthritis Pain Detox, Nuterlize Odor Swellings Poison ivy Poison oat Itch Ingrown Hairs When mixed with alkaline water Bentonite Clay becomes Mud. Apply Bentonite Mud Mask to clean the face. Allow Mud Mask to dry for 10 minutes for sensitive skin & 15 minutes for normal/oily skin. Avoid sharp eye and mouth areas. When Bentonite Mud Mask appears dry, rinse with warm water to release the Bentonite Mud Mask from the face. Pat dry, followed by your favorite moisturizer. It is usual for the skin to appear slightly red or feel tightened. Ingredients: 100% Bentonite Clay,9.5 Alkaline Water. Use 2- 3 times a week.

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2 reviews for Bentonite Mud Mask

  1. Yudith Andrade

    The Bentonite Mud Mask did exactly what it claims, I love it so much I’m now using it underarms and I have recommend it to my friend for her daughter’s acne

  2. Yudith Andrade

    🥰😍🤩🤩🤗😍😍love it !

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